Abacus Corvus Artwork is the creative collaboration of Corina Dross and Jocelyn (Jo) Mosser—illustrators, writers, healers, sisters, and close friends.

After a brief period of being sold out, we got an overstock shipment back from our distributer with a handful of 2019 calendars—so those are currently on sale again until they sell out.. again!

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Wholesalers, please be in touch! We have a different website just for you!

Gallery of Calendars

2019: Wild Awake — A Calendar of Small Spells

2018: Blessed Unrest — A Calendar of Small Spells

2017: Safe Passage — A Calendar of Small Spells

2016: Asleep in the Body's Boat (aka the Moby Dick calendar)

2015: Everything is Unfolding Perfectly

2014: Abacus Corvus; the crow calendar

2013: Feast of Time; a metadigestive calendar

2012: The Last Calendar You'll Ever Need